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It's All Connected (or Disconnected)

I wish BloggerCon organizers and network folks could get the webcast squared away. This is an important milestone along the weblog growth curve, and those of us who are not there can't get a reliable audio or video feed. Glenn Reynolds, whom I had hoped to listen to on the BloggerCon webcast, has mentioned the need for wi-fi everywhere. He's right.

I spoke to a company yesterday that is in the business of providing a "wireless backbone" for a small town or metro area. However, the technology is not wi-fi. It's fixed wireless technology. Any WISP could use this technology as an alternative to whatever bandwidth they have, but the user or consumer would be a subscriber to that WISP's services.

In other words, we're still searching for the truly wide-area wi-fi solution. Is it 802.16? Which providers are ready to enter into a project right now for wide-area wi-fi?

With work finally winding down, I'm looking forward to the Christmas break. Always a good time of the year; there's a palpable excitement in the air as the holiday season kicks off AND it's Summer too. And there's the promise of a new year just around the corner to look forward to. 2016 will be interesting for W and I. We've already booked our honeymoon. it's a surprise. But it's a part of the world I've never been to before, so I'm really looking forward to it!

Here are some photos of our time in Italy. Some of these photos are from Rome, but they're mostly of the Amalfi coast. I wish I had a good photo of the old house we rented there. It was a charming 200-year old mansion in the midst of being restored by the charming granddaughter of the original owners. This house sits on a hill in a small village called Albori and the drive up took us through winding roads so narrow in some parts that we had to stop to let the other side through. It rained all day when we got there. The wild coastal winds whipped the rain horizontal so we stayed indoors, enjoying the breeze and taking time out to catch up on reading. The house has a beautiful old kitchen and it was amazing getting to cook a few meals in there with the local produce we found at the single grocery shop in town, and the abundance of beautiful cherry tomatoes from the garden. And then we were rewarded with stunning weather on the day we went to Amalfi itself. blue skies, the sea and gelato.. la dolce vita indeed :)

Here's wishing all of you a very happy Christmas, and more adventures in the year ahead!